Car Alarm System: Universal Security with Keyless Entry and 2 Remote Controls

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Car Alarm System: Universal Security with Keyless Entry and 2 Remote Controls


Give your vehicle advanced protection with this universal car alarm system, packed with innovative features for optimum security. Bluetooth wireless connectivity enables convenient control via your cell phone, offering remote management of doors, tailgate, windows and indicators.

This alarm system is suitable for all types of vehicle, from cars to trucks and buses, offering universal security for your fleet. Its built-in loudspeaker emits a powerful alarm when vibrations are detected, providing effective warning in the event of an intrusion attempt.

The integrated LED indicator guides the user through remote control or via the mobile app, making it easy to find your car in a crowded parking lot. With compact dimensions (approx. 6.7x6.2x2.8 cm), this alarm system is discreet yet offers robust protection.


  • Material: plastic + metal

  • Alarm voltage: 12V

  • Static alarm current: 8mA

  • Alarm operating frequency: 370 MHz

  • Remote control: button battery included

  • Speaker voltage: 12V

  • Loudspeaker sound power: 120 dB

  • Vibration sensor voltage: 12V

  • Vibration sensor static current: 6mA

  • Vibration sensor operating current: 7mA

Package contents:

  • 1 x Controller

  • 2 x Remote controls

  • 1 x Vibration sensor

  • 1 x Loudspeaker

  • 1 x Extinguishing relay with harness

  • 1 x Power harness

  • 1 x Instructions

Please note:

  • Slight color variations possible due to different screen resolutions.
  • Manual measurements may show slight variations.
  • Installation recommended by professional automotive technicians to ensure optimum performance.

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