Motorcycle Alarm - 12V Universal Anti-theft Security Alarm System with 2 Remote Controls

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Motorcycle Alarm - 12V Universal Anti-Theft Security Alarm System with 2 Remote Controls

Protect your motorcycle with this universal anti-theft security alarm system

designed to offer complete protection and peace of mind on the move. Made from high-quality materials, this set includes a powerful siren, waterproof case and two remote controls for easy activation from up to 150 meters away.


  • Fully waterproof design with silica gel ring-sealed housing, ensuring reliable protection from the elements.

  • Keyless start via remote control, offering fast, convenient activation without the need for a key.

  • Remote controls with sound and light signals for easy location of your motorcycle in large parking lots or congested areas.

  • External power supply ensures continuous siren operation in the event of a power cut.

  • 5-level sensitivity adjustment for precise adaptation to your parking environment.

  • Remote deactivation to stop your stolen motorcycle using the remote control.

  • Compatible with all motorcycles fitted with 12-volt batteries, offering universal compatibility for easy installation.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Powerful horn

  • 1 x Anti-theft alarm

  • 1 x Connecting wire

  • 1 x Detailed user manual

  • 2 x A1 remote controls

Protect your investment with this reliable and effective motorcycle alarm system. Order now for optimum protection on the road

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