Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP-007 Key Cutting Machine for Car Keys

Sale price€899,89


Key Cutting Machine XHORSE 007 Manual for car keys

the Xhorse brand and the benchmark in key production

XHORSE CODOR XP 007 Battery-powered with several days' autonomy

Can cut flat and wave car wrenches

sold with cutters and vice

battery charge display can be carried anywhere

1-year warranty
Smaller and lighter.
machine size 11.10 x 9.70 x 13.97in
packaging size 14.37 x 12.79 x 13.77 in
Battery capacity 64.75Wh

Speed of main motor highest: 13000 RPM, change 1: 7000 RPM, change 2: 10000 RPM

Spindle stroke 0.98in
Working humidity 10-90%

Power 120W
Power parameter 12~18V

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