Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP005 - automatic cut key

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Automatic engraving machine XHORSE Condor Dolphin xp 005

Dolphin XP005 is an automatic machine operating with a telephone application. It's a good machine, fast and easy to work with.

It can copy any type of key and reproduce any lost key after decoding the lock.

Robust, long-lasting and easy to use, it will be your greatest ally in your automotive locksmith business.

Dolphin XP005 is supplied with 2 vices (M1 and M2) for flat wrench and wave wrench.

As well as additional cutters

Allows simple Tibee simplex flat wave wrench cutting

Technical service

One-year warranty, free technical support, online service to provide remote assistance

Machine parameters

Working temperature 10~50
Input voltage: 12-24V
Battery capacity 64.75wh
Cutting power 100W
Emergency power supply 15W
Motor speed 10000-13000RPM
Rated torque 0.15 Nm
USB port USB2.0
Machine dimensions 315*218*270 mm
Package dimensions 510*315*345 mm
Net weight: 15 kg
Gross weight: 18 kg

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