XHORSE MINI KEYTOOL transponder cloning tool, remote control generation

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  • XHORSE MINI KEYTOOL transponder cloning tool, remote control generation

  • now on your smartphone screen via an IOS or Android App
  • Bluetooth link between smartphone and Mini Key Tool

VVDI Mini Key Tool offers a wide range of functions

  1. Test key frequencies from 300 to 450Mhz
  2. Reading key transponders
  3. Cloning key transponders
  4. Cloning car remote controls
  5. Cloning garage door or gate remote controls
  6. Key transponder and model database
  7. Stable operation
  8. Ultra-competitive price
  9. Works with tokens, 1 free per day.
  10. Special version for European vehicles

Generally speaking, it can detect a wide range of immobilizer models.
Around 700 car models.

It can edit their characteristics and clone them.

Some examples of compatible transponders:

ID46, ID4D, ID4E, 70/83, H(8A), G, ID11, ID12, ID13, ID4C, ID42, ID33, 8C, Proton 8C.

Note that it is capable of cloning the latest generation ID48 transponder (96bit) with online calculation!

Remote control cloning
Supports HCS/Fixed code and HCS rolling code, as well as Fixed code type PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, VD5026, AX5326, HT12X

Gate and garage door cloning
Over 100 compatible models

Provides remote control type, transponder used, key format, etc. for over 128 makes and 2000 models of vehicle.

Frequency tester
from 300 to 868Mhz

Special function for Toyota
Allows activation of hands-free function, including
Unlock Smartkey

Special conversion functions
Exchanges ID 63 to ID 83 or 4D to 4C transponders and vice versa.

Special remote control detection function

Online update
The tool can be updated online via the smartphone application.
New vehicle compatibilities are added regularly.

Technical specifications
0.91" Oled screen
Operating time approx. 10 hours
800mAh battery
Weight 86g
Dimensions 140 * 64.5 * 23.5 mm

VVDI mini key tool
Programming cable for remote control
USB cable
User's manual

Please note :
IOS and Android application in English.
Some programming requires tokens, i.e. credits to be purchased online.
One token is offered per day of use.

1-year warranty

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